Well Hello!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been a contributor here and I apologize for that.  It seems things happen and time just gets away from us

So here I am updating anyone that might be interested.. The Wizard is still going strong, he is in his 7th year and is better than ever. He is headed for Soldier Hollow and the finals the end of this month. He has put a few of litters on the ground and we are very happy the way his pups are turning out.. Don’s newest open dog is Hap. He’s no breeding of ours and we are happy to have him in the line up.  We bought him from Erin Swanson from California. His open debut was at Laura Vishoot’s Palm Cottage Trial in July and he placed an impressive 3rd on the 3rd  day. Jessie is rounding out the team, she will be running at Soldier Hollow and Meeker.

Unfortunately we have had to retire Ash because of some arthritis issues, but she is going to a great home that has sheep and where she will be needed but on a much smaller scale than what we would ask of her. John and Peggy Fine from Rosberg,OR are taking her home.

I still  have Taite as my main dog, she turned 9 in June but seems to be running like a 6 year old. We will try our hand at Soldier Hollow, Meeker and the finals. My new guy  Spot is a work in progress and is coming along really well.  Always exuberant and with moments of brilliance in all of his runs he is more than fun to work.

There are some young dogs coming up that we are excited about, so I’m sure I will be better at being on task with keeping up on the website.

Until next time….