Don and Jeanie Helsley
2491 Tunnel Rd.
Caldwell, Idaho 83607
208 866 6982 or 208 455 9095

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Don, WOW. I got home yesterday, and Took Chappy to Fido’s Farm back field Trillium. I worked on moving and having him go around to the head when driving. Then doing what you suggested. My Gosh. Did it work! He is nice now on his flanks. His outrun at the back improved after I practiced him on the drive flanks. As I said, I would love to come and just audit all the time if I lived close. You do know dogs. The ability to fix a problem is why I come to you. Thanks a million as usual.

  2. Congratulations on Wizard’s pen. Trailing of the sheep is very tough. Impossible to get a pen, but you and Wizard did. WAY TO GO!

  3. Don, This is Kendra from Colorado. We meant you at Marieanns this year at the clinic she had. Also had bought a dog you recommended named Rosie. We are looking for a young female to bred to a really strong cattle dog. Do you know of one for sale? Do you still have Abby? Thank you.

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